Thursday, December 8, 2011

Do you have an Android?

sorry for the unsolicited mail but I noticed an article on your blog today about frost and wanted to see if there was any chance you would be willing to mention an app I have written for android mobile phones. I realise it's a bit cheeky asking for free advertising but as you'll see, I put the app on for only 99p and will never make a fortune from it...but would like to see it become a little more popular given the number of hours I've put into it ! I originally developed it purely for myself, after losing a lot of stuff to a late frost in the UK, then realised others might find it useful so published it on the android market to see what's been quite interesting to see who downloads it (I have about 120 users now and many aren't gardeners at all !)

It's the only app on android that will notify you based on the weather forecast, if the temperature is due to drop below the temperature you set (I didn't need yet another weather app...I just wanted something that warned me when there was going to be a low temperature...rather than me have to remember to check the forecast every day).

Many thanks for taking the time to read this, and any feedback or suggestions you might have are most welcome.

many thanks,
Antony Cook

ColdSnap! Frost Alarm

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